Snow melting off the streets in Aurora Colorado. January 20, 2006.
Movies created with Gawker
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PowerBook Hard Drive Replacement
Replacing the hard drive in my TiBook was a piece of cake.
Made an interesting video with Gawker?  Let me know!  Perhaps I’ll include it here...
Note: Some these movies have been recompressed for the web and are therefore lower quality than the original movies produced by Gawker.
West vs. North
Two cameras combined. Clouds to the west, clouds to the north in Colorado. May 19, 2006.
Stereo Gawking
Two side-by-side cameras combined. iSight on the left, Panasonic DV on the right.
May 28, 2006.
Gutter Birds
Created by Michael Pascoe.
Escargot Grand Prix, etc.
Timelapse Paintings
See paintings as they’re created by Gautam Rao of Playful Painter.